Many adults smoke cigarettes. It is very common when we grow up and attend colleges or work somewhere, we’ll see some people who are into smoking. Soon we get to know that those people always have some more people around them who smoke as well. This creates an idea in our mind that a bunch of people who smoke will always be together. Some people say, that they relive their stress when they smoke and it helps in relaxing their minds. Some say they tried it for fun and ended up becoming a victim of addiction and now it has become their need. Other set of people were immature when started smoking because they started in college by getting influenced by smokers.

People who do not smoke, end up being isolated if they are working or partying with a bunch of people who smoke regularly. This is because non-smokers do not belong do their type of environment and may not share the same interests. This commonly happens in a corporate setup or organization. In order to avoid loneliness and isolation in the workplace, some people start smoking. This can also happen because they would like to fit themselves into the environment of that person who seems to be very cool or happening in nature.

We should understand that getting into the habit of smoking in any way or because of any reason is not healthy and not good for your life. It is a slow poison and hence people think that its not affecting their body because it does not show up immediately on their body. We should think about this that smoking cannot get us real friends. It is good that some people do not smoke just to call themselves ‘mature’ or ‘cool’, these people can feel alone for sometime in surroundings of smokers but will not fall prey to the deadly diseases caused by tobacco.