A good education in a good institution is very necessary. Students work very hard to get into any prestigious school or university. However, the cost of education also increases drastically according to the institution and the kind of degree one wants. In India, we are well aware of the courses most of the people want to opt for and the cost of that degree. Even if the family income is not so great, yet our parents try the best to get us enrolled in a prestigious institution for good education.

In India, the cost of an MBA degree is around  Rs. 7.5 to Rs. 25 Lakhs, even if you do it from any government institutions like IIMs. The cost of engineering course costs around 8 to 10 lakhs.  Taking into consideration some of the government institutions, the fees are comparatively low. However, not many of us can get that opportunity to study in government institutions. So, as a result, we opt for private institutions knowing the fact that it is going to cost hefty money. Education, being important for life, our parents sacrifice everything for their children.

In my opinion, the fees of higher studies should be revised by the private institutions and a policy should be made by the government that the institutions should not decide the fees of a course by themselves and there should be certain norms according to which fees of all institutions should be decided. It should be on the basis of the average family income of the families and the number of people earning in a family and also the family background, the kind of employment the earning member has. All these things should be considered before deciding the fees of the curriculum in colleges and schools.

Most of the students do not opt for higher studies after graduation just because of high fees of institutions and also the high fees of coaching centers. Many students start earning after graduation that may not be a good option and they may or may not get a very good paying job. A stable job with good salary and lifestyle is necessary to lead a good life, and we can get this through education. But, if education is so expensive, then how a middle class family could manage it? It is a high time that our administration should look on this and make certain decisions that can make the education system better.