When I was 10, I used to wash my hands and feet like crazy. I used to take bath for over an hour.

Everytime I thought that I am covered in dirt whenever my feet touched the ground by even a centimeter. So I used to stay on slippers and washed my feet when they touched ground even a little bit.

My feet became rotten and black, the skin was wearing out and used to smell like rotten vegetable. Its very difficult to deal with your obsession.

It was more difficult to tell people that how my feet became rotten and giving them the explanation at that age was really difficult. My mom used to convince me to wash less but I was not convincible. I used to put on so much of soap on my hands while washing hands that my hands became white and skin came out peeling my hands.

There came a time when I was fed up and tired of doing the same thing again and again and that too for a very long time. I used to wear slippers so that the feet cannot touch the ground, but when I became frustrated, I threw the pair of slippers out of my feet and put my feet on the floor.

Now this was enlightening for me. Suddenly from nowhere, I started feeling strong and motivated from within. I got a thought in my mind that yes, this is something that I can quit. That was something very special for the 10 year old me.

The conclusion was – a time comes when our mind convinces itself, a determination so strong that nothing can stop from doing what you seek.  A time comes when our mind and body runs so fast and takes decisions even faster for your own good.

All I want to say, is to trust your own instincts and be determined to act fast against any negative behaviour, thought or action.