• You have just stepped out of college : You are a fresher and just stepped out of college to be independent. While you can bunk classes in college whenever you wished but can’t do the same in office. If you are willing or not, you have to go office.
  • online pharmacy cytotec no prescription You do not have like minded friends : In college, we have many like minded people because all are of almost the same age group, however in office we meet people from different age group and they consider you as a kid.
  • You miss your freedom : In college we had a lot of freedom even on weekdays and miss hanging out with some ‘real friends’. We had a lot of time to study and to enjoy the company of friends who never let us feel alone who stay in a hostel away from family.
  • Loneliness : For those who live alone (away from family) know that no one will be waiting for them at home, and no one is there to talk to. This also refrains you from going home.
  • Lack of trustworthy people : When you start living alone, you get some friends and even get into relationships but when we grow up, we don’t get trustful people always. You do not even realize that you are getting used up by someone. All these things make you sad and unwanted.
  • Friends of friends : You have handful of Friends at office who have their friends too and they make plans with them instead of making plan with you. On weekends you just eat, sleep, repeat because they are busy with their friends.
  • Office parties : So you had a conflict with someone at office and the next weekend you are forced to party with him/her in an office organized party. I bet it must have made you feel uncomfortable?