‘How would you know English, you are a Bihari!!!’

“Oh, you are from Bihar!!”

‘Probably, you don’t know fashion because you are from Bihar!!’

You have an awkward accent, you must be Bihari. 

Relatable enough, isn’t it? (For me… lol, not for you)

“He is bad in behaviour, he must be from Bihar!”


Bihar is considered very different in a negative sense as compared to the rest of the world. Most of the Biharis, when they move out of their hometowns in search of jobs or studies, they hear these kinds of taunts and sarcasm everywhere. It’s very disgusting and embarrassing for us. 

Well, we are famous for our record-breaking intelligence and achievements, we have rich culture.

And our very own ancient university. People all over the world know about it and embrace it the people in our very own country don’t. They only consider us backwards, because they do not have that much knowledge and they don’t even want to know, that is lack of proper education and their parents are to be equally blamed. 


People from Bihar can do every kind of work, we are IAS officers, NASA Scientists, actors, President of India and rickshaw pullers, sewage cleaners, household helpers, farmers, anything and everything you can ever imagine. That is a rare quality you would find in any other state’s people in India. A Bihari has a lot of potentials to do anything and we are capable of doing each and everything you cannot even think of. 

Bihar means abode- a home or house. This is a land whose womb gave birth to Goddess Sita. Bihar is the land where most of the ‘firsts’ emerged. The first empire of India – Maurya empire, the first university – The Nalanda University. This is the land where Lord Buddha found enlightenment. Buddhism Arose in Bihar. 

Hsuen Tsang Memorial in Bihar
A world-class infrastructure in Patna, Bihar

The Gupta Empire, which originated in Magadha in 240 AD, is referred to as the Golden Age of India in science, mathematics, astronomy, commerce, religion, and Indian philosophy. But alas, who cares about history, right?

Buddha’s Statue in Bihar Museum

(Source – Wikipedia)

Those who discriminate with other people, it’s not their fault, he or she was not taught how to respect our diverse culture by his parents or they were not educated enough. Its high time for parents that they should teach their children how to respect each other if they are also educated enough! 

So parents (of other states in India) please be kind and teach your children to respect everyone. 🙂 Make your children well educated.