From our childhood, our parents, grandparents and siblings are everything to us. If we need anything in our childhood, our family is there to give it to us. However, the needs and wants of childhood is very different from adulthood. As we enter in our adult life, we face the reality of life – work, job, life-partner etc. These things sometimes get very small to give us happiness or satisfaction.

We all know, that for studies or jobs, we step out of our house and once we are outside, we make friends and they are the only source of human interaction for us in office or at home. Some people get a good bunch of friends but most of us remain alone or in bad company.

Now, when a person is without his/her family and is feeling alone, they would try to make more friends to spend time with, to go for shopping and to travel as well. The conflict of understanding happens when the other person’s priority is not the same. Your friend might ditch you to spend time with her/his boyfriend or girlfriend.

I just want to say one thing here, why do we need anyone’s company when we can single-handedly keep ourselves happy. If our chemistry is not matching with someone, why we chase them? If you are making plans with someone and they reject it without even understanding, then why stick with these people? Your self-respect should be everything. We should not chase people to be with us every time.

If you want to travel, contact different travel agencies and travel together with many solo travellers so that you can meet people and make like-minded friends, that you will not regret.

It’s not easy to lead a part of your life alone, you need to be courageous and believe me a time will come in your life when you will not feel any regret of losing a (selfish) friend. Instead, you will be liberated and feel easy. We should be responsible for our own happiness and most importantly, we should ‘own’ our happiness. 🙂