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Confusion About Life

Whatever you have now in the present life, you are not satisfied with that. It is quite obvious. I also feel the same.

But the time when your present becomes your past then you will definitely regret and you will think that how precious time of your life you lost.

Never mind because we all know how mysterious human mind is. So you have to learn how to control your mind. Human behaviour is very unpredictable.

We are never satisfied with ourselves and what we have now. We always want more and more from our life. But after getting all the comforts of life we still miss our old days.

Why is it so?

Have you ever wondered?

This is because we never care about the things we have in present. From the very beginning i.e from childhood we are taught that we should live in present, not in past, but do we really rely on that?

Think about it.

That's a serious issue.

We easily learn mathematics, science and other subjects but we don't know how to learn such a small thing- to live in present.

Though I am writing this article, sometimes I also don't know how to rely on the present. Because some past happenings break you so much that you need sufficient time to move on.

A true friend helps you in this regard. I've observed that whenever I share my feelings to a best friend who can actually understand you can take you out of your grief.

But getting a true friend is also a tough task but it's not impossible. Try out a thing called ‘acceptance’ and ‘forgetfulness’.

We need to accept the past and forget it and make good use of the present. If we made our present good and happy and in future whenever we will look back, we will only realise how happily we lived.

If you are not happy with what you are doing in present, maybe the job you are doing, the relationship you are in, the course you are studying, then you should let that go out of your life.

You will feel liberated.

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