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Getting into something, you’ve promised not to get into again!

Has it happened with you? I am sure, many times, it may have. Well, in my life, it has happened many times. I got into many such things that gave me trouble, heartbreaks and sadness, yet I stuck to it. I got into the same trouble again and I am in that yet again! Seems stupid, right? Yes, it is. But a few months back, I had promised myself that I will not get into this again, but guess what? Human nature is such, we go there, where we can get love. How far we may try to get from it, love finds us.

Love and friendship are two such things that we can’t get rid of even when we promise ourselves that we will not get into the things that have ruined us once.

It is human behaviour. If you feel confident enough to live the life alone, then it may be a dreamland for you for a couple of months but after that, at some point of time, you will start feeling lonely. Loneliness breaks us from our inner selves, it makes us more emotional and sensitive to each situation. Loneliness also leads to overthinking and depression.

Managing our lives alone is difficult, yet we do it because a time comes when we should not be dependable emotionally on our parents. The need for self-dependency strikes us when we know that we have some kind of responsibility on our shoulders when we grow up. Lone individuals get into love with the opposite gender and most of the times, that love is so immature, that it converts into fights, misunderstandings and heartbreak.

A feeling of uncomfortableness occurs when the same person comes in front of you. In spite of all these complications, we the human have not failed to love again and finding the same happiness again. Here comes the comparison part. So when we have got another love, we start comparing it with our previous one and start creating expectations. If the things do not go as per the plan, then again we are filled with sorrow. I hope it is understandable that where we do a mistake! Comparing the past and present partners and setting higher expectations and not forgiving them when they are sorry.

When we get mad on our partner, there are two kinds of people you will notice:

1. Who does not convinces you: Those people who do not say sorry after a fight are the ones who do not care about the relationship and are fine to break it. 2. Who convinces you again and again: Dude, these kinds of people are true lovers! 3. Who needs to say sorry but pretends opposite: Now, the third kind of people are so creative. They need to say sorry but after some time they will start pretending that they have been hurt so that they can revert the situation and instead of saying sorry, they get a sorry.

Human nature is difficult to understand, especially when you have just passed your teenaged years. But the idea of self-convincing is the best. It can help you to control your emotions and actions, so start self-ruling.

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