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Happiness - Materialism and Parasitic People

The things we have today, we rarely consider that and feel grateful for that. On the opposite side, things we don't have, we crave for it, once we get it-we start taking it for granted. Such is the vicious circle of human behaviour

The problem is most of us search happiness in materialistic things. Materialism can only provide temporary satisfaction or happiness. If you are looking for a true sense of fulfilment and happiness- go out and love, make friends, spend time with them, make memories, laugh, and sometimes quarrel. Being surrounded by people is very necessary for our mental well being and survival. In fact, man is a social animal. But if you have ever lived all alone, and managed everything all by yourself, you must have a very strong reason to lead a life like this.

When we live outside of our families, we make friends and love interest to cope with the loneliness of our life. We make many efforts to be happy and get off the homesick feeling. In this process, we come in contact with many undeserving and parasite people who suck the energy and self-esteem out of us. We don't realise it or maybe don't want to realise this because maybe the other person is genius in mind games or emotional blackmailing, or maybe we love them too much that we keep a blind eye to ourselves and ignore ourselves.

When we start ignoring ourself in the course of loving someone, if we do so then we start losing our original self and start believing in the opinion of that 'someone' about us (in most cases, it's a negative opinion).

Its a high time that we should give ourselves a priority and understand the importance of self-love, self-esteem and self-respect. It's not being selfish, its called taking care of our own self. Being happy first is very important to keep others happy. Whether you live alone or with family, you should be well aware and recognize the toxic people in your life before they become a parasite to your happiness.

Its said that no matter how much success, money and fame one achieves, he/she is still not happy. Happiness comes from within, with our own satisfaction with things we have in present.


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