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Life Without Passion

We all love doing a particular thing what we call is passion and try to build a carrier around it. Lucky are those who are able to follow it. Circumstances of life do not allow most of us to follow our passion and we end up earning bread & butter for ourselves to support our family. Such is the sacrifice of humans, we have to forgo things we love the most, a dream which remains a dream and can't be brought to life.

Even if we can't follow our passion, we have unending love towards it. A will-power so strong that takes us to it later or sooner. However, the real struggle begins in the lives of those people who lack passion or the people whose interest changes with the course of time. Being confused is fine, we all get confused when we decide something. There is a reason behind this confusion in finding things which interests us. Let me explain the reason to you. In childhood when we like something and decide to pursue it, we either get mocked by our friends or get demotivated by our family. Parents tell us that they don't have enough money or resources to help us with this. That's it, we get demotivated and start feeling embarrassed about our interest. We get intimidated by their response and change our mind.

Here lies the real challenge - not to get intimidated by what people say about our passion. But we fail to do so and lose ourselves. Those who are brave enough to follow their passion no matter what people say are the real winners. They are not afraid or embarrassed and they are proud of themselves. But, what about those people who got intimidated? Life becomes tough for those after they are done with their studies and go out for a job. We work for money but most of us don't love what we do. We do it anyway because we forget our passion before even engrossing ourselves into it.

So, the idea is not to punish ourselves by what people think or say about us or our interests and love ourselves. It's better to ignore what people think or say rather than ignoring ourselves the whole life. That is how we can fulfil our dreams, that's how we can achieve satisfaction in life.

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