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Moving On

Updated: May 11, 2020

Breakups, moving on, leaving someone - all these words are heavy on our hearts. We all have experienced these in one or the other ways. Be it marriage, be it friendship, be it any relationship, it's hard to let someone go who was with us from a long time, with whom we shared things, moments, laughter and sadness.

What makes us move out of someone’s life is very important to understand. Breakups happen over petty issues and on severe issues as well. Friends become foes due to a mere misunderstanding and do not try to understand the situation correctly. Insecurity, jealousy, competition everything plays a huge role in split of a relationship.

The person who initiates split between any relationship, at times, very easily moves on in their life and forgets things, whatever happened in past. However, what happens to the other person mentally is a long story. We think a lot, we grieve, we fantasize that if things were not like that, this should not have happened. It takes a lot of time to get out of that trauma and give yourself another chance.

People who love us deeply, will try to retain us in their lives, no matter how hugely you have hurt them. They definitely give you another chance. There is a thin line between forgiving for each mistake and giving them the opportunity to hurt you more. People start taking you for granted and do silly things to hurt you, again and again, thinking that you are for them always and you will always forgive them. Just because of the fact that you do not want to lose them, you cannot bear someone’s betrayal.

When a person chooses to leave you who loves you the most, has the most intense reason to leave you and to move on. They know that they have forgiven you a lot for your mistakes but when enough is enough, they will not be afraid to lose you and break it up with you. Rather they will feel liberated by doing so.

Never test the patience of those people who love you and ignore your mistakes. It takes a lot of courage for them to make a decision to move on and they are mentally very strong to let you go. They do not think again when your silly act is enough for them not to forgive you.

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