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Reality of Life - Poverty

Updated: May 11, 2020

There is a big problem that our country is not able to overcome since independence. It's very easy to predict and is a very obvious one - Poverty. We always observe poor people begging beside the roads. But what makes us feel really bad is when we see a child begging. I saw an old poor man getting mad at the roadside for some food. He was constantly shouting and screaming for food. Many people were passing from there. Yet, nobody dared to give him something to eat, to be very honest, not me also.

Some poor beg but some sell flowers or small bouquets at the traffic signals. These people get some money by selling the small things that they can make through their small savings or small budget. This is something very nice effort to earn some money rather than begging. If God has given you a body, then make use of it to survive, get some work and don't let yourself beg throughout life.

One cold evening in January, while shopping in the market I saw a little girl of 12-13 years of age, outside a shop sitting in school uniform and studying. Side by side she was selling stickers and a few stationery items too. I was very astonished and wanted to talk to her. She said that after school she sells the stickers and she doesn't have any problems with that. She is totally okay with it, helping her parents in getting some extra income. This is an example of great determination and I think, in future, the girl can face almost every hard situation if she can survive like this at such an early age. Some 7-8-year-old children were begging and I told one of them to get some small work somewhere and earn some money and do not beg when he came to me. But there's a problem too, of child labour. But they don't have any other option. Getting a part-time job in shops or somewhere is far better than begging.

I also encountered a child of almost 7 years who was selling some flowers outside a temple on festival days. I bought some flowers and asked whether he goes to school, he said yes. That was much to my happiness.

According to me, the core problem of poverty is the uncontrollable huge population of India. In such a huge population, most people are below the poverty line and the main sufferers are the children of the poor family because they don't have enough money to pay their school fees and if they are not educated then they'll have to face the legacy of poverty and hence India will not get rid of poverty ever. But if we, the common people can contribute some time and money for them, then it would be a great help for them. But the thing is, we don't do that and don't take it seriously. Or we are busy enough in our lives that we don't have time and patience for the betterment of our society. People, it's time to wake up.

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