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Understanding is a simple word yet difficult to practice. Sometimes we think that we understand a person but what a person actually wants, we could not understand and we make perceptions according to what we think, want and understand.

Surely, if you have gone through a certain phase and another person is also in that phase, you can understand their situation. But what if you have never gone through it, you can definitely not understand the pain and grief.

Understand not only means how much we can understand others problems, but it also means how we understand ourselves and how we can make ourselves happy by understanding and accepting things around us. Adapting to a change is not easy but we can definitely make it a bit simpler by convincing ourselves the benefit of the change and what positive effect it will be on our life.

Things become easier and comfortable when we convince ourselves, the self consoling power is eternal and can do wonders to your life and can heal your heart quickly. I have often noticed that if we are sad and someone tries to convince us and tries to relax, that makes us cry even more.

However, understanding ourselves and making ourselves self consolable makes us emotionally strong. Once you are successful in convincing your self, then you will be your own mind and heart’s boss. You will feel less stressed and no other emotions can break you down.

Self-convincing people tend to be more emotionally strong and self controllable. They know how and when they need to control their emotions and where not to fall. They can even find the way of happiness through which they can put themselves out of a heartbreak. Happiness and people are always around us, we just fail to recognize or many times we ourselves ignore those people and start to think how alone we are.

We should let people come and go out of our lives because that is what life is all about. But their interference should not control your emotions and make you feel sad because you need to be self-convincing and think about what present and future have for you. Work on your life goals, set your self free of the sadness and heartbreaks, understand yourself and give yourself a priority because once we can understand ourselves when we find inner peace.

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