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What we should have Taught in School

Updated: May 11, 2020

We can learn languages, maths, science and history through books. What people have developed in past, how people were influencing the world and how it can benefit us in the present or future.

We are taught these things in school and college. They all tell us how the students who are good scorers are awesome and how the average and poor scorers are pathetic. They do not bother what goes on in the mind of those students and how low confident they may become in future.

Things that we should have been taught in school rather than getting more marks is how to face different situations in life, that how to learn with every mistake you make.

They should have awakened us spiritually and should have taught us about good deeds and bad deeds.

In school, we should have known that how we can create new things and become something new which the world hasn't seen yet. I wish I was taught how to be unique and different.

Instead of telling us to run behind prestigious colleges and courses that can get us into good jobs, they should have told us how we can avoid the rat race and become master of our own and be whatever we aspire to be.

In colleges, I have seen that those students who have past experience of art or sports are given preference, that is really sad. They must know that a may want to start afresh in college and would like to learn those from start. Other students feel ignorant only if a handful of them are given special treatment and others are not even given a chance to stand to show their worth.

To my dear teachers and professors, I really liked when you narrated the stories of successful people on how they achieved success by repeatedly working on it because that was when you distracted our minds from that boring marketing lecture and motivated us.

My mind often gets attentive from sleepy when you started talking about how we can manage hardships in our lives.

I wish I could have got more hours of classes like this.

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